How to grow Anthurium: flower care at home

How to grow Anthurium: flower care at home

Your home may seem dull and dull to you, the best solution is to add a little coziness with the help of fresh plants and flowers. Just imagine the selection of pots and plants on the market today. You can find small hanging types, huge floor standing or galvanized steel planters. Any plant will make your home even warmer and more comfortable, just do not forget about care.

How to care for anthurium

There are more unpretentious species that do not require much of your time. Choose plants look at what conditions you can give him. Today let's look at what anthurium loves. There are different types of such a plant, it can be creepers, semi-epiphytes and herbaceous plants. Habitat in the natural environment is South and North America in the subtropics or tropics.

  • Lighting. The plant loves east or west windows because it needs bright and diffused light. You can grow this in a north window, but it will get little light there. If you have chosen a southern window for the pot, then take care to shade the plant. The main rule is that direct sunlight should not fall on the leaves of the anthurium. For shade, take tulle, newspaper, etc. If you have not figured out how to make a shadow, then move the plant deep into the room, for example, on a cabinet or table.
  • Temperature. Anthurium refers to heat-loving flowers. In spring and summer, keep your plant in a warm place, the optimum temperature is fr om 22 to 28 degrees. You need to make sure that the room wh ere the pot is standing should not be below 18 degrees. In early autumn and until the end of winter, put the plant in a cool place, it is better to choose a room with a temperature of about 16 degrees. During the transition period, accustom your anthurium to an increase in temperature. This plant does not like sudden changes in air temperature in the room where it grows. Also, your flower will react negatively to drafts. It is best to choose a small but bright room for him.
  • Humidity. The plant needs high humidity (about 90 percent). If the air in the room is too dry, then this can cause a slowdown in the development of your anthurium. This loves regular spraying and wiping the sheets with a soft sponge of water. This procedure also helps him to grow better because it removes dust and dirt from its leaves. If your plant blooms, then you need to know that during spraying, water should not get to the surface of the flowers, since because of this, spots are formed, which spoils the appearance of the plant. A great way to maintain humidity for your plant is to put it in a pebble pallet and pour a little water there.
  • Soil and watering. When the plant has an active growth period, it needs abundant watering. Of course, it is not necessary to flood the soil otherwise the root system can bend. Watch the soil, if it dries, add a little warm non -chlorinated water. It would be perfect if you used rainwater for watering. Remember that such a plant tolerates a small drought much better than regular stagnation of fluid in the soil. Experts in the field of floriculture advise after watering to wait 30 minutes and then drain the remaining water from the pallet of the pot.
  • Irrigation and fertilizer. Of course, for good growth, flowering and health, he needs nutrients in the soil. You can take a complex mineral fertilizer. But here it is very important to listen to the opinion of experienced flower growers who advise you to take a dosage half as much as indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. This procedure is carried out systematically, in the spring-summer period with a frequency of 1 time every 2-3 weeks. You will notice how the condition of your plant will improve if you add organic top dressing it. But at home, such bait is rarely used (for obvious reasons). But if you are not squeamish, then you can take cow cords, a sheet humus or an infusion of chicken droppings.
  • Bloom. You probably chose anthurium because you like its flowering in the form of stamens wrapped in a blanket. Watching flowering this plant is a real pleasure. When the plant has a period of rest, then you need to hold it in coolness (about 15 degrees). If you follow all the care rules, then the plant will please you with its flowering for almost 2 months. Usually its flowering begins in late May and can last until the beginning of September. But some hybrids can bloom even all year.

Other useful tips

If you decide to transplant your plant, then the best time is the growing season (from February to March). But if you really need it, you can change the pot in March-August. Change the pot very carefully so as not to injure the delicate root system. The tips of the leaves can get black; this indicates that there is a lot of calcium in the ground. The plant may begin to dry due to an excess or lack of nutrients in the soil. Follow your anthurium, he will show you if he does not like something. It is important to remember that this plant contains a rather strong poison. Make sure that pets or young children do not nibble or chew the foliage.

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