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Idealist planters

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This brand creates unique outdoor and indoor planters and pots of different shapes and sizes. If you want rectangular forms or bowls of exact diameters, then order them from us online. We have tall and short items, extra large flower planters and other modern designs that you’ll find with affordable prices.

The materials for your home or garden can vary depending on your needs: from plastic or ceramic to fiberstone. Outdoors planters aren’t only available in rectangle designs, but also square or round. You can grow any plant in these high-quality planters. Here, we even have boxes which narrow at the bottom. This brand also has planters with troughs or shallow pots that could be very useful for your home arrangements. You can find 36 inch models for your outside spaces and buy them at great prices.

Showing 1 to 37 (of 37 products)
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