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Plastic trough planters

Idealist planters
Plastic trough planters are a great value-for-money solution if you want to enhance a walkway, terrace or garden setting. Their surface is made of high impact-resistant plastic, which is odourless and burn retardant. Plastic flower pots are versatile and can be moved around easily due to their lighter weight.

Check out our huge variety of plastic trough planters in various sizes, colours and textures - perfect for growing and looking after your favourite plants indoors and outdoors. Manufactured from premium grade plastic, all of them are UV-safe, frost proof, and shatterproof.

Showing 1 to 11 (of 11 products)

Our online store has many wonderful flower planters for indoor and outdoor areaa. If you want great planters then open our catalog with plastic material or choose other types. We have exclusive metal, wood, concrete, corten steel and other pots for your home and garden.

If you prefer modern planters then we can give you amazing and useful pots with self watering systems. Some flower growers like antique styles to make their garden more unique. Some of them prefer warm colors like cream or terracotta to make their yard look more natural. You can find extra large planters, jumbo size or take small perfect pots for bed table or tabletop.

Our store assortment prepares for you different useful things for your home. Planting could be very easy if you choose modern pots. Find medium or big planter, black or white color, items with stand or trough.

All our goods have great price and can be used for home and garden. Realize any creative idea with hanging pots or find other interesting solutions. Our planters have affordable prices but you can also buy them for sale. We have collected many nice planters from world leading manufacturers to help you decorate your home and present your plants health and beauty.

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