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LECHUZA CARARO Trough Premium Plastic IN/OUT self-watering Planter

LECHUZA CARARO Trough Premium Plastic IN/OUT self-watering Planter

Manual-watering planters

LECHUZA CARARO 75 Black High-gloss Self-watering Planter H43 L75 W30 cm

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H43 L75 W30 cm
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  • Self-watering planter pot with external pot, separator, and indicator of water-level
  • Crafted in Germany with sturdy plastic that never smells
  • Plants will be protected with fertilizer and moisture even in your absence
  • With glossy black surface, the medium planter measures 43 cm in height
  • Planter has been designed in eco-friendly way and suits any plant growing in soil

The Lechuza Cararo Planter is a planter pot and a movable room divider all in one. The self-watering pot from Lechuza makes the experience of gardening an eco-friendly one.

This brightly coloured large black planter has a sub-irrigation system, inspired from nature to keep plants watered for up to twelve weeks. The Lechuza Planter is one of the best planters on casters. The casters are included to let you move the medium sized outdoor pot back and forth easily. The garden pot comes with a sub irrigation system for house plants.

The kit consists of water level indicator, supply shaft, Lechuza pon plant substrate, drain plug and separator. The supply shaft helps in adding fertilizer and water easily, while the indicator reminds you when to refill the reservoir. The plant substrate is an inorganic substrate made from lava, zeolites and NPK-enriched fertilizers for better plant growth.

Why Buy From Getpotted.com

Product description
  • Planter's sub-irrigation system ensures optimal water supply
  • Go up to 12 weeks between watering
  • UV safe, frost proof, and shatterproof
  • Sturdy room divider that is mobile thanks to rollers
  • Planters are protected from rainwater overflow
  • Manufactured in Germany from premium grade plastic
  • Suitable for any plants that grow in soil, including orchids
  • Set includes an external pot, a separator (second bottom), water level indicator, LECHUZA-PON substrate and assembly instructions

LECHUZA CARARO is a self-watering planter made in Germany. You can mount it on the railing of any balcony or terrace, as well as place it on the floor of a guest room or office.
The surface is made of high impact-resistant plastic, which does not smell and does not burn. Planters are protected from rainwater overflow.

000001159wm.jpg cararo_espresso_4_enl_enl.jpg

What are the advantages of LECHUZA planters?
Designed with a stylish appearance and an intelligent sub-irrigation system, LECUZA planters will provide your plants with water and fertilizer for up to 12 weeks.

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LECHUZA self-watering planters are chosen by people who want to decorate their interiors or are engaged in floriculture. LECHUZA planters are the choice of interior designers and florists all over the world.

Buying LECHUZA planters gets you a premium European brand planter made from environmentally friendly plastic, more freedom, and less worry. Even while traveling, your plants will still be provided with moisture and fertilizers which ensure complete and better plant growth *.
* in comparison with plant growth in "Musa", LECHUZA 2013

Is it suitable for orchids?
CARARO is suitable for any indoor plants that grow in soil, including orchids. During the orchid planting process,leave some roots on the surface and observe the rules of watering.

A_T75_tp_Phalaenopsis..jpg 17951794184.jpg

Orchids should be watered by immersion for a few hours once a week. Pour water into the automatic watering system until the float rises to the middle. After a few hours, drain the water from the system.

What is included?
All-in-one set includes an external pot, separator (second bottom), water level indicator, LECHUZA-PON substrate and assembly instructions. It also includes a set of casters to move LECHUZA planters easier.

R_T_w_Set_2012_TIF_Prev_1.jpg A_T75_2_sw_Guzmania_TIF_Pre.jpg

Planters take literally 5 minutes to be ready for planting.
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