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Jumbo Jort Raised Trough Fiberstone XXLarge IN/OUT Planter

Jumbo Jort Raised Trough Fiberstone XXLarge IN/OUT Planter

Manual-watering planters

Jumbo Jort S Raised Trough Black Fiberstone XXLarge Planter In/Out H40 L120 W45 cm

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H40 L120 W45 cm H50 L150 W60 cm H60 L120 W45 cm H75 L150 W60 cm
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  • Manual watering planter made up of fibreglass and stone grains. Planter is trough/ rectangular shaped
  • fibre stone planter composed of fibre glass and stone grains. Having an eye catching shiny black and grey finish
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications like gardens, backyards, business areas and open spaces
  • Planter from the Jumbo Collection providing variety of surface textures and shapes
  • Perfectly framed and lined planter with high durability and strength

Elegant and simple, the Pottery Pots Planter mimics the look of a lead planter, but is in fact crafted from genuine fibrestone, which makes it rust free and lightweight. The surface of the Jumbo Jort Raised Trough Planters looks sleek. The design is traditional trough like, and will last many years. Being really light, the outdoor planter can be moved from one place to the other. This rectangular planter is a must have accessory for any patio, or backyard garden. Plant seasonal bedding or grow flowers like rosemary, lavender, basil etc. Being portable, the large jumbo black planter can also be adorned on the window sill, or balcony.

Why Buy From Getpotted.com

Product description
  • suitable for any plants that grow in soil
  • indoors and outdoor use
  • made from high quality ‘Fiberstone’ composition, a combination of Fiberglass and 58% finely ground stone
  • almost all of the pots contain a frame and corner pieces on the inside which give them extra strength

The Fiberstone group of products includes a wide variety of containers that are manufactured from the 'Fiberstone' composition, a blend of Fiberglass and 58% fine-grained rocks.To be able to comply with buyer's demand for various choices, the Fiberstone group of products has been arranged into numerous collections. Products are essential and may conform to the style of everyone's house, all with the assured excellence.

Product Personality

The Jumbo Collection provides an almost limitless selection of containers of extra-large sizes. This collection of monumental planters is ideal for spacious places such as large backyards, restaurant entries, hotel lobbies and other business and open spaces. The Fiberstone planters come in two finishes - dull and shiny and are of many shapes - the collection has round and rectangular, short and high containers.


The Jumbo Collection is made of a composition of Fiberglass mixed with 22% fine-grained stone. The composite is named as Fiberstone. By reason of their dimensions, the insides of almost all containers are hardened with a casing and corner pieces for high durability.


The Jumbo Collection consists of 2 groups of containers, which are dull surface black and grey colors and eye-catching shiny black, white, red and sand colors. And there is a variety of surface textures. Definitely, the Jumbo Collection provides an extremely wide assortment of planters.
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Drainage holes
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Pottery Pots


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