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Top 4 Summer Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Top 4 Summer Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Find Inspiration Ideas and Choose New Places for Plants

Today we will talk about decorating the entrance zone of exteriors, in particular, about decorating porches, terraces and verandas through flowering plants.

flowers in pots under the arch


A canopy over the porch of a private house is often decorated with beautiful climbing plants, such as clematis, lemongrass, rose, wisteria, or wild grapes. To do this, install a metal frame that will help the plant "crawl" upwards, gradually supporting the legs with cuttings, and creating a dense flowering frame above the entrance doors.

If you prefer other plants of the Schizandra variety, you can enjoy not only their delicate flowering, but also the bright red fruits that appear later.

Increasingly, gardeners decorate gazebos, pergolas, rooftops and terraces with the help of mischievous floral plants planted in suspended flowerpots. Such plants are called ampelnymi, which have long climbing or creeping shoots with brightly colored flowers. Any ampel plant would be a wonderful decoration for the entrance area of the exterior of your house and would help to effectively complement even the unsightliness facades.

Among the most beautiful ampels can be distinguished petunia, pelargonium (ampel geranium), begonia and verbena, the latter especially valuable thanks to a long flowering period from the beginning of spring to autumn.

raised flower bedHEDGE

According to recent floral fashions, decorators are increasingly drawn to lush shrub plants for areas around front home entrance. Such shrubs include Spanish drock, hydrangea, honeysuckle, jasmine, shrub or tea-hybrid roses.

These plants are quite at home planted in the ground, or in a deep ceramic pot.

Though requiring special attention and love, gardeners today enjoy decorative hydrangea with their beautiful fluffy inflorescences of soft blue with lilac, white, pink or rich purple.

flower boxes outside the windowFLOWERS FOR THE WINDOW

Recreate scene outdoor views by decorating your own balcony plants with bright colors, such as pansies, polyanthus roses, Mexican ageratum, fuchsia, and begonia of all colors.

Combine these with window boxes of neutral colors of ceramics or wood. Also, it is very convenient to use special plastic pots with a notch for easy fastening to balcony balustrades.

flowers on the balconyDECORATIONS BALCONY

In imitation of balcony and street decoration of foreign seaside cities, we recommend using outdoor planters with ornamental flowering plants in combination with curly ivy, wild grape or lemon grass. This technique will help make your balcony visually cozier and even intimate, as your dense garden will hide you from prying eyes.

In cases where the balcony railing rests on lattice supports or wooden balusters, good design is particularly relevant.

Small open balconies with trellised handrails are especially interesting to decorate with flowers and you can maximize the effect by using ampel and polyanthus plants which are replete with bright colors and delightful fragrances that last for months.

By fixing containers with soil, you can plant not only decorative flowering plants (begonia, geranium, petunia or fragrant matthiola), but also, grasses such as purple basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme.

In the balcony area, terracotta pots with laurel wood, lemon, and decorative pepper would not be superfluous. These plants not only please the eye but can also provide fresh herbs and spices for a resourceful hostess during the preparation of dishes.

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