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Outdoor Planters Buying Guide

цикас революта в горшке

Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Plant Pots

Whether creating an inviting, outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining; exploring container gardening or revamping your home's exterior decor, displaying your favourite botanicals in outdoor planters is a good choice for any outside space. Outdoor plant pots can enhance your exterior by creating borders, dividing spaces and adding some privacy to your vicinity.

Size matters when choosing large outdoor planters

Arranged container trees and shrubs in large outdoor plant pots can really add character to your landscape, but always consider how big your plant will eventually grow when buying large outdoor planters. A garden planter that is too small for the plant can cause damage to its roots and cut off moisture, while outdoor pots that are too large can become waterlogged.

The size and dimensions of your space are also important points for consideration. Large outdoor plant pots look wonderful in spacious garden areas, whilst hanging planters are perfect for less capacious spacesand lend aesthetic touches without claiming too much real-estate. In our online shop, planter sizes are usually shown in 'cm' in reference to width, height and diameter.

common hazel contorta in pots

Adding a touch of art and tranquillity to your space with outdoor planters

Arrange your own Bonsai garden in outdoor plant pots: perfect for this centuries-old Japanese art of cultivating miniature versions of naturally large trees. To follow tradition more strictly, order outdoor pots in rustic styles, with simple stone finishes.

For creating borders and dividing spaces in your patio or yard, consider buying trees that are faster-growing, such as Heavenly bamboo, which also add a certain calm and tranquility to your space.

You can browse through pictures of such trees for inspiration and read the reviews of experienced growers to choose the best pot for your project.Remember, when plants are destined to be situated outdoors all year round, choose outdoor pots that are frost and UV-resistant.

minimalist flowerpots

Selecting the appropriate material for your outdoor pots

Some materials are considerably heavier than others, so bear this in mind if you plan to relocate your outdoor planters as your garden evolves. Plastic, fiberglass, fiberclay and fiberstone are ideal, lightweight materials for outdoor plant pots and are perfectfor outdoor gardening. Their durability and resistance to the elements are highly revered qualities, bearing in mind that planters made of clay and other natural materials can be prone to cracking innear-freezing temperatures.

In our online shop at , we offer a wide selection of outdoor planters and large outdoor plant pots in a range of materials and price-points which are produced in the UK and abroad under strict quality control. Our planters are available in a variety of finishes designed to render them almost indistinguishable from natural materials.

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