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Tips for choosing plants
7 tips for choosing houseplants
6 Signs That It's Time to Repot Your Plant
Do you know if your plant needs repotted? Get the answers here!
How To Take Care of Your Houseplants in Winter!
Cold weather can cause damage to your houseplants in ways that you couldn’t even imagine, and winter is one of the easiest times of year to kill your houseplants.
How to colour plastic pots for flowers?
Flower pots decorate our homes as well as the plants inside them. We choose them based on interior design or personal taste.
How to cover plastic plant pots?
Flower pots should not only be comfortable but also beautiful. You can choose any model according to your budget and personal tastes.
How to plant and grow plants in plastic pots: use guide
Most lovers of home plants and flowers prefer to choose plastic planters because they are comfortable and inexpensive. Also, such material can have different shapes and colors to suit any decor and interior.
How to take care of your plants with LECHUZA planters
Implantation and care manual for plants in LECHUZA planters
How to Repot Your Plant in LECHUZA Planter
Assembling and care manual for plants in LECHUZA planters
How to Take Care of Plants in Winter
In order to avoid elongation and yellowing of leaves, plants should be left to rest in winter, halting their growth.
How to Take Care of Your plants in December
It is the midst of the winter with short days, low light, and excessively dry air for the houseplants.
Avoid these Common Mistakes when Caring for Your Indoor Houseplant
It’s important to know how to look after your plants so that they last, and so you can get the most out of them. We offer a few tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes.
How to take care of your plants in February
Indoor plants are beginning to wake up from their winter rest. It's time to put them in order.
Rules for Caring for Indoor Plants in Autumn
Autumn can be a testing season for taking care of plants as they struggle to adapt to erratic levels of heat, humidity and sunlight in our homes.
Orchid Plant Pots
Growing your Orchids – from Watering to Choosing the Orchid Pot
Guide to Caring for Houseplants in Winter
Balancing the humidity. Watering regime. General care. Self-watering planters.
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