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How to take care of your plants with LECHUZA planters

 lechuza watering system
During the first 3 weeks after replanting, water plants moderately from above, targeting soil.

Water should not be added to self-watering system yet.

How to repot your plant in LECHUZA planter you can read on our website.
 planters with irrigation system
After 3 weeks, put water into the self-watering system for the first time via the watering shaft until the float rises to the "max" mark.

If after a couple of days, the float will go down, the system works fine.
 scheme of pots with automatic irrigation
When the float drops down to the “min” mark, the plant has moved into the “dry phase”. You should not water the plant.

The duration of the “dry phase” for table planters is 2 days, for floor planters, up to 10 days.

After the “dry phase” ends, fill the water reservoir again to the "max" mark. 
 root watering in the pot
Orchids are watered using the sinking method for a couple of hours: fill the system until the
float rises to the “max” mark.

After a couple of hours, drain the water fully from the system. When the roots go white, repeat the watering process. 

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