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How to Repot Your Plant in LECHUZA Planter

Assembling and Care Manual for Plants in LECHUZA Planters

 Celsius and Kelvin scale
Assemble the water level indicator
Put the rod (1) into the float (2). Then put them into the tube (3). Attach items (4) and (5) to both ends of the tube. Fix the cap (6) on top of the water indicator.
 the water input shaft
    Fix the water input shaft into interior pot or liner channels.
 indicator into the hole
     Put the interior pot into the exterior pot. Insert the water level indicator into the hole.
 the planter outside
     To use the planter outside, unwind the screw at the bottom of the planter. While in use, the screw should be tightened.
 LECHUZA-PON Substrate
Put 2-3 cm of LECHUZA-PON Substrate into the bottom of the interior pot. The substrate is included in the shipment package.
 LECHUZAPON and TERRAPON brand substrates
     Then add soil. LECHUZA recommends using LECHUZAPON and TERRAPON brand substrates.
 insert the plant  LECHUZA Substrate
     Now insert the plant and fill the remaining gaps with soil or LECHUZA Substrate.
 scheme of pots with automatic irrigation
Firm-up the soil or Substrate by shaking the pot and pressing gently with your palm.

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